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The Night Belongs to Gonzolo - April 24, 2015

Gonzolo: the album that made itself.

Written & Produced by JD Johnson
Guitars #4 & Bass #5 by Nin-J
Backstage shenanigans by sUP3Rm0TH & Atomsk

April Fool's Fun - April 1, 2015

It's April Fool's and I'm a joker in a sharing mood.

Blue Harvest - January 1, 2015

"eat the brains, get some smarts"

Written by Griffendere
1-9 Mixed by Atomsk
10 Mixed by sUP3Rm0TH
Grown, Nurtured & Harvested at Echobase Fields
(c) 2015

All Aboard the SS Caraibes Croisiere - November 28, 2014

"The BiMonMangaCon Cruise of the Year" - Atomsk

Pocket Fox (Twice Mellowed) - February 7, 2014

The Pocket Fox was an animal that only existed for three weeks in the 16th century.

Beats & Rhymes by JD Johnson
(c) 2014

J.S. Bach Rises From The Grave To Shake Nin-J's Hand - October 30, 2013

"Cut up samples of Bach's music mixed with drums and other fine things" - Nin-J

Produced & Recorded by Nin-J at Green Mountain Dojo
(c) 2013

Echobase's Record Store Day Release Makes Crying Babies Laugh - April 20, 2013


Ripe for Record Store Day!
Available till Midnight 4/20/2013
This one is for Drills & Jesus

UPDATE: 05/24/13

Back by popular demand, Cache Daze is here in D3LUX3 form to set the summer off. A collection of rarities, remixes & outtakes from the past 13 years.

Cache Daze [D3LUX3].zip


1. Saturday Special Intro
2. Cutty's Lounge
3. High Heel Halls
4. Bumper Sticker Reality
5. Postchella
6. Always
7. Golden (Synthbot Remix)
8. Magazine Machine Punk Rock Shock
9. The Vague Blur
10. Reference Points (Killa Tape Remix)
11. Instrumentalist pt.3
12. Marley Rebel
13. All Day (P.K. Remix)
14. King Fear
15. Dead On The Dancefloor
16. Rotary Rebuild
17. The Mystery Channel
18. whatshappeningtome
19. Moon Mountain
20. Bringing It Home
21. S.T.D. (notwhatuthink)

Written & Produced by JD Johnson
Conceived & Executed by Atomsk
Peace to the Dream

Is Anybody Out There? - December 20, 2012

Atomsk Spotted Channel Surfing with Sharks - September 3, 2012


Channel Surfing.mp3

A package from Atomsk came the other day, inside were two CDs. One was a rough copy of the new Echobase, the other was a hip-hop mix titled Channel Surfing. A note attached read," One for now, one for later."

Oxymoronic Slang Update: Frozen Hot - April 13, 2012


Brand new beat odyssey from The Pirate King.

Atomsk - Frozen

1. Coffee With GOD
2. Mongo Hunger
3. Late Nite Sample Monster
4. Glowing Red
5. New Route Home
6. 3 Step Process
7. Sound Reason...Functioning Normally
8. Chappy Livingston
9. Chip Chop Deluxe
10. Lupin's Arcade
11. Around Corner
12. Ripe For Regime Change
13. A Touch of Wonder
14. In & Out
15. Signs of Life (#1RUL3)

Produced & Arranged by Atomsk
Musicians: sUP3Rm0TH (Guitar 2&15)
Nin-J (Bass 6)(Guitar 7), Toby Thompson (Guitar 12&13)
Recorded & Mixed at Echobase
(c) 2012

VIDEO: Kidz At Play - March 2, 2012

Clips by JD Johnson & Drills McWahaha
Edited by Atomsk

Head Straight, Eyes Up - November 25, 2011


Eyes Up.mp3

Currently in the studio working on a couple of projects slated for 2012, Atomsk recently stopped by and shared a mixtape of soulful gems bound to make ya move. Indulge and enjoy;)

Caution: Kidz At Play - July 4, 2011


The newest sound voyage from Team Echo journeys thru the past, present and future. Kidz At Play is a compilation of beats, demos and b-sides mixed with a sneak peek of tracks from upcoming projects. Simply put, a collection of works from a collection of friends.

Kidz At

1. After This - You Believe Me
2. Pink Dots Car Wash - The Weekenders
3. Ludacy - sUP3Rm0TH
4. Tell'em The Truth - Nin J
5. Nasa Mass - sUP3Rm0TH
6. Train Storm (Rack Up) - Atomsk
7. Remember Yesterday - You Believe Me
8. Joy Ride Revue - Atomsk
9. Symphony in F minor (Allegro) - Nin J
10. Microwave Leftovers (LoFi Love Mix) - The Gift
11. Fritz Philosophy - Atomsk
12. m0TH vs. The Miniboss - sUP3Rm0TH
13. Laughing All The Way To The Bank - P.P.I.
14. Lost Saturday - The Weekenders
15. No End In Sight - sUP3Rm0TH
16. In Memoriam (A Tribute to Scott) - You Believe Me
17. Under A Curse - Nin J
18. Studder Stepping (Live) - The Gift
19. Know Surprise - Atomsk
20. Sound Reason - sUP3Rm0TH
21. Come and Get These Memories - Atomsk

Compiled and Arranged by JD
Artwork by Toby Thompson
(c) 2011

Toxic Jungle Expedition Leads Nin-J to Valley of the Winds - April 1, 2011


Valley of the Winds.mp3

After a visit to the Toxic Jungle, man of mystery, Nin-J has returned with an enlightening new mixtape. Brimming with interesting ideas and brave concepts, Valley of the Winds, is a cerebral trip down the trails of Prog Rock. So turn it up and get ready to mindwalk with another installment of Research Radio.

Security Breach Leaks New sUP3Rm0TH Tracks in Form of EP - December 21, 2010


Under impossible odds, a few impatient fans have broken into sUP3Rm0th's lair and highjacked some newly finished tracks from his upcoming album Witholdings. Wanting to share their musical score, they arranged an EP titled Probably Not This Payday....complete with a video of them creating the home made cover. Always ones for enthusiastic creativity, we here at the site have decided to release this sampler for any others itching for a listen. Current suspects include Atomsk The Pirate King, and sUP3Rm0TH himself.

sUP3Rm0TH - Probably Not This

1. Dear Luck...
2. Make It
3. Freq 07
4. Adrift
5. Whether
6. Jesse's Song

Written, Performed and Mixed by sUP3Rm0TH
Recorded at mOTH's Lair
Produced by sUP3Rm0TH & JD

Nin-J Wakes From Green Dream With Refreshing Classical Mix - December 16, 2010


Green Dream.mp3

Nin-J of Green Mountain came down the other day to show a sampling of the different projects he's currently working on and dropped off this classical mixtape. He told a story of how his computer crashed the day after backing it up and gave these simple instructions "beef up the mix and release it on the 16th, Beethoven's Birthday." So here's one for the Composers and Happy Birthday to the Mighty B.

Atomsk's Green Gravy Causes Black Friday Market Crash - November 26, 2010


Hello shoppers. Back from a cold morning full of beat'em down bargains? Ready to relax with a warm meal and some tunes? Well Echobase has got you covered. Hot off of Atomsk's stove and onto your plates Green Gravy is a fresh mix of jazzy cuts direct from the crates. Best of's FREE! Now tell me, which retailer hooked you up like that?

Atomsk - Green

1. Short Trip To Space - Tropea/
Let's Move & Groove - Esther Phillips
2. Creepin' - Herbie Mann
3. Sombrero Sam - Gabor Szabo
4. Rodney's Dream of Fantasy - David Friedman
5. Woolaphant - Ron Carter
6. All Good Men - Beaver & Krause
7. The Moors - Weather Report
8. Corazon - Hank Crawford
9. The Path pt.4 - Ralph MacDonald
10. Innerspace - Chick Corea
11. Jazz Ostinato - The Modern Jazz Quintet
12. Sax Concerto - Rahsaan Roland Kirk/Bend It - Terje Rypdal
13. Classical Drag - Morello, Burton, Christian
14. Air Voice - Stomu Yamashta
15. Silver Dreams Golden Smiles - Devadip
16. Tea Pot - Sonny Stitt & Bud Powell
17. Monk's Shop - Wes Montgomery
18. 7th Door - Gandalf
19. Sunset Memory - The Kazu Matsui Project
20. Groove Merchant - Thad Jones, Mel Lewis & Umo/
Eclypso - Tommy Flannigan

VIDEO: Echobase - Stereo Test - July 6, 2010

So as with any project, I like to try and put together some type of physical product for family and fiends...I mean friends(BIG Love). This time I rounded up J.Rhodes otherwise known as Nin-J and mix master sUP3Rm0TH for a little late nite paint party. The events were captured and edited for the sake of learning how to make a time lapse video as well as for your enjoyment. So please...enjoy:)

Echobase Adventure Vehicle Now Boarding - April 20, 2010


New homemade goodness straight from Echobase.
Adventure Vehicle is 12 dusty hip-hop tracks destined for your turntable but settling for your i-pod.

Echobase - Adventure
1. Stereo Test
2. Wax is in the Hallway
3. Never Knowin'
4. Round Two
5. Bobby Fischer
6. National Pay Day
7. Hip Replacement
8. All Day
9. Marmalade Malaise
10. Nervous Tension
11. Discarnate Being
12. Golden

Written and Produced by JD.
Mixed by sUP3Rm0TH & Atomsk.
Artwork by B-boy 96.
Executive Produced by Keen the Dream.

Peace Out and Happy Listening.

Atomsk's Car Pool Mixtape Download - November 25, 2009

Car Pool Airport SMALLER So occasionally I make a mixtape. This particular one came about while thinking of the numerous hip-hop songs either about or involving cars, whips, rides (whatever your slang preference). My lady really dug it and encouraged me to share it, so here you go safe.

Car Pool.mp3

1. Dillalade Ride (Contact High) - The Beat Konducta
2. Cars - Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
3. Trucks - J Dilla
4. The Boomin' System - LL Cool J
5. Back In The Day - Erykah Badu
6. Let's Ride - Q-Tip
7. Low Class Conspiracy - Quasimoto
8. Benz or Beamer - Outkast
9. Engine Running - Liberation feat. Consequence
10. Officer - The Pharcyde
11. Country Livin' (The World I Know) - Esthero
12. Sabbatical With Options - Prefuse 73 feat. Aesop Rock
13. Sobb Story - Leaders of the New School
14. Driving In Circles - Anti Pop Consortium
15. Six Tray - Freestyle Fellowship

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